• Innovating new standards in Stevia Cultivation

  • Stevia Harvesting made easy with the world's first effectiive Combi Harvester created by Eurostevia

  • Commited to reducing cultivation challenges

  • Best plant performance with our unique cultivation methods.

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Eurostevia is commited to the research of Stevia cultivaton practices under European conditions. After years of research our company has managed to resolve major problems associated with Stevia cultivation in Europe making major unprecedented breakthroughs in many areas.

Results of our efforts have resolved key challenges and obstacles that hindered the implimentation of financially viable cultivation projects involving the plant Stevia.

Our company has trialled most renowned Stevia varieties and conducted many experiments in regard to best cultivation practices. Studies include results in regard to production of maximum total stevia glucosides, Reba and total yields that could be achieved. 








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