• Innovating new standards in Stevia Cultivation

  • Stevia Harvesting made easy with the world's first effectiive Combi Harvester created by Eurostevia

  • Commited to reducing cultivation challenges

  • Best plant performance with our unique cultivation methods.

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  1. Best planting methods for maximum yields of Stevia dry Leaf per hectare. Ideal watering methods for healthy growth of Stevia plants, and minimization of presence of weeds.
  2. Successful trials on pesticide applications.
  3. The reduction of labor costs involved with Stevia cultivation by the implementation of fully mechanized cultivation techniques from planting to harvesting and drying, making Stevia a viable cultivation alternative for European farmers.
  4. The creation of the world’s first successful combi Stevia harvester which eliminates labor costs involving the deleafing stage of the plant.

          Watch the video:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11EujpgzLDs







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